Parson Adhesive

About Parson Adhesive

Parson adhesives, is a research based adhesive manufacturer with wide range of products suitable of every industry. Over 100 types of adhesives reflect the universal product range suitable for the industrial manufacturer, the engineer, the craftsman and the consumer.

Parson adhesives, is committed to providing its customers with the best products possible through Total Quality Management in every aspect of its operations. Quality and customer focus have always been our priority. These are evident not only in our manufacturing process but also in the quality of service and our approach to customer needs. We are dedicated to quality, innovation in product design, strong marketing and the will to succeed. This has earned us the confidence of the clients we serve.

Looking to the future, we will work continuously to produce innovative adhesive products to meet wide range of industrial applications. We will develop new polymers, adhesives, sealant and hybrid systems to meet the ever-increasing developments in exotic new materials.